Working together to conserve elephants and make a living!

The communities in the Amboseli have lived with elephants for thousands of years and continue to do so today.

They have managed to do this successfully because they continually try to find ways live comfortably with the elephants around them. In today’s world, the women of the Oltome-Nadupo community are blending their culture with conservation by designing and selling items. In doing so, they are proud to be saving elephants.

Please explore our online shop and support our women by buying one or more of our items. Each item is unique.

Margaret Kenyatta
The First Lady
of the Republic of Kenya


The Workshop

The Maasai women work from homes to make traditional bead-based jewellery that has been made by the Amboseli people for decades. They also experiment with modern tastes like jeans jackets. All of the products on this website are made by members of the Oltome-Nadupo women’s group in Amboseli.



Every item on our shop is handmade by members of the Oltome-Nadupo women’s group of Amboseli. They use traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. Traditional items tell a story, such as identifying the age and marital status of a person, to showing what rites a person has been through.